Love Life

I bet you’re all like me

And you really couldn’t care

About the fame and fortune

You just wish that life was fair
So one day I decided

To quit The System, Inc.

And go off all alone

So I could ponder and could think
I learned a lot about me

‘Twas so much I didn’t know

If you truly want to know “you”

Just get up and leave the “show”
Regret shall never taunt me

My purpose fine’ly found

Contribute to this world

Spreading smiles all around

No longer can I sit here

Watching terrifying news

Somebody’s got to fix it

There’s don’ts and then there’s do’s
So that’s the basic story

How my writing came to be

One day I hope this changes

And our lives are truly free
Arduous it may be

This road I have ahead

Surrender’s not an option

I’ll fight until I’m dead
So many people ask me

Who cares? Why do you fight?

My answer, friend, is simple

My mother raised me right
We all know that we struggle

There’s no point in hiding so

Just embrace collective hardship

And all the stress, let go
Be happy. Love. Remember,

Our time on Earth goes fast

So make it worth your while

And create an epic past

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