What World is This?

What world is this; this Earth have we?

Spinning and spanning, chaotically

Often I gaze through glazed and wet eyes

Those sparkling lights all dotting our skies
Does meaning exist, somewhere above?

Justice and order, places of love?

I return my gaze to what’s around

Hatred, malice, war, no sound
Observing the silence, I watch as we

Destroy and degrade this “land of the free”

What world is this, what has become?

I ponder this oft, my mind becomes numb
Around every corner, there’s fear and there’s pain

Children are orphaned, families lie slain

All in the name of profit and greed

Power they want, compassion they need
What is this world – will it ever be changed?

The death and destruction, so cold and deranged

When will we realize this must not go on?

The hurt and the torture, dusk until dawn
Innocents dying, assailants unknown

Miles away, controlling a drone

Detached from life, it’s reality

No care for it’s endless complexity
I long for the day we all rise above
We all coalesce, we all join in love

The fight shall rage on, we mustn’t let go

What world is this? I’ll never know

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