From Whence They Met

You know, dear Ms. Park

I did truly embark

At first, on this little poem

On the weather I wrote,

As agreed when we spoke

But then…a cute garden gnome


Wait, what? You might say

‘Cause no sense did that make

But stay with me, for I shall explain

As I was driving to work

What I saw caused a smirk

This poems theme, at last ascertained


For on this dudes lawn

Out in front, like a pawn

Sat this tiny, and minuscule doll

I looked and I laughed

Knew this poem, I would craft

About this gnome, in garden and all


And now we shall close

This Shakespearean prose

Phew, these rhymes have perplexed

But there, Lauren Park

It is time, I embark

To converse with you now, via text

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