What is a Story “Really” About?

Its been awhile since I’ve written a thought blog, so today I decided to write a little something that’s been on my mind now that the 7th season of Game of Thrones has wrapped.

Have you ever wondered what stories are really about?

I think this is my favorite thing when it comes to writing. It gives the creator a completely blank canvas to express different sentiments, values, emotions, and so on symbolically through a fictional narrative. For example, since I mentioned GoT: I try to think of what thoughts are going through Martin’s mind as he sits down to pen the epic story that he’s created. Of course, there are loads of themes and subtle messages he conveys, but the over arching motif in my opinion is very similar to what I’m going for with my own series, Continuity. There is this huge threat from the North that finally puts things in perspective, and the “world” at last begins to realize how petty all of their differences are. The White Walkers provide the perfect opportunity for enemies to become friends, shedding their menial conflicts.

This is no different than what the Catalyst represents in Continuity. Presented in a different way, the impending doom that the asteroid presents sparks the cooperation of world governments to thwart the disaster. (Spoiler alert), although in my particular case, things don’t go as well as we’d want them to (and who knows what will happen in Season 8 of GoT).

Anyway, this is what I love about writing. It lets you shine a light on things that are sometimes intentionally shrouded in darkness. I could easily log into Facebook, post a status complaining about how people need to get along and stop fighting, but that will get me nowhere. No one wants to listen to someone who is telling them to chill out. But if it is instead approached metaphorically through a fictional narrative, you can almost circumvent that barrier people have and put things into perspective for them. It sounds manipulative, but there’s a very definite reason why great books have changed the world if you look at the historical timeline. And music does it too. Really, any creative medium can achieve this effect.

That’s all for now. Long live Jon Snow Targaryen Daenerys Stormborn Titles KingQueen.


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