How fun it is, to take a word

Transform it into things unheard

The past, a coffin, the future; door

Their meanings changed, through metaphor

Our language flexes, its members bend

Its versatility, no end

And as I sit here, pen in hand

Exploring language; all its land

I say to all, this eve I write

Announce I’m wed to words tonight

It shall be forged, the blacksmith spoke

This bond is iron, it can’t be broke

An unsolved riddle, decreed in text

With adoration, so complex

Absorbed in words, as words are I

A mutual love until I die

A thought, a dream, this life to me

Once was a far reality

Yet now this language says to me

Use metaphors, analogy

Simile and limericks, too

And all the things my words can do

Committed are they, to you at last

And as I gaze into my past

The image fades into a blur

For now I live for only her

My goals have changed, Death stained my glass

The teacher of life’s twisted class

Yes Death absorbed me; owned my mind

Through desperation, I fought to find

The teacher of my life today

Which casted Death, at last, away

And so, I say, this life; I pledge

To that which saved me from that ledge

Language, words, these tools of mine

Whose marriage shaped my life’s design

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