So many things there are to do
A world of options for me and you
Our differences, endless; you and me
A truth for all humanity
Our actions; things we choose to do
They are the answer when we’re asked: who?
Who is the person that lies inside
Behind those ever piercing eyes
It complicated, this question, see
Dynamic, complex, all are we
So often judgment rules the land
A world that asks for what we stand
Such clouded lenses worn, it seems
By this whole world, expecting dreams
They labels others, as they reduce
To one dimension, they just induce
A one closed minded, simple view
Though sadly it just isn’t true
For any who’s enlightened sees
Both violent wind and gentle breeze
They know that perfect, no one is
They understand, they can forgive
And so, my friend, please answer true
My question is: which kind are you?
Where do you fall, which is your sect?
Is perfection a thing that you expect?
Or one of the kind, compassionate few
Who looks unto others as you look at you?
The answer, you see, is not why I ask
Reflection and thought are my only task
If only one thing you take from this, friend
We always evolve, the chance has no end
And so I shall add, if these words offend
One thing understand, one thing comprehend
Nothing can sting like raw truth, I know
The choice is our own – and I choose to grow

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