An Honest Plea

I want to do an exercise. An exercise on open-mindedness, and whether or not our species is capable of un-conditioning their minds from the dogmatic stranglehold that “society” has upon them. So here goes. Picture yourself sitting in a chair in your living room. You’re there all by yourself, with nothing whatsoever to do. No … More An Honest Plea

An Address to the World Concerning the Ford/Kavanaugh Debate

Alright.   I’m going to attempt something that may never have been attempted since the dawn of humanity: I am going to try and bridge this ridiculous divide and help people see this Ford/Kavanaugh thing from both sides. While I’m pretty sure this ain’t gonna change anything and everyone is still gonna throw rocks at … More An Address to the World Concerning the Ford/Kavanaugh Debate


I don’t like to think about the things they think they know Cause they won’t ever know about the things I like to think Perhaps my methods madness, you might be right. So? Patience is a virtue; can someone hold my drink? 3 years ago I sacrificed my one true life to words Now as … More Plans


So many things there are to do A world of options for me and you Our differences, endless; you and me A truth for all humanity Our actions; things we choose to do They are the answer when we’re asked: who? Who is the person that lies inside Behind those ever piercing eyes It complicated, … More Grow


Politics   Vote for me folks, your candidate of change! (My glistening smile can sell anything) Don’t be shy guys, my numbers are great! (Mostly my budget will pay any rate) The rest are corrupt! I say what I mean (And hope that my lines aren’t read in between) Once I’m in office, you’ll smile … More Politics

What do you care about? How to literally change everything.

I don’t know why what I’m about to tell you is the case. I can’t explain the strange, even eerie, shifts in my frame of mind that I’ve experienced recently. What I do know, however, is that what I’m about to type is 100% legitimate, real and deadly serious. This is not something I am making … More What do you care about? How to literally change everything.