Vote for me folks, your candidate of change!

(My glistening smile can sell anything)

Don’t be shy guys, my numbers are great!

(Mostly my budget will pay any rate)

The rest are corrupt! I say what I mean

(And hope that my lines aren’t read in between)

Once I’m in office, you’ll smile and cheer!

(Regret your decision, and long for next year)

Don’t wait any longer, just run to the polls!

(Shut up and vote, my foods getting cold)

For man and for country, I’ll represent all!

(But mainly the folks that I golfed with last Fall)

Elections are over, let’s tally the vote!

(I hope they paid off, invites to my boat)

Yes! Here we are, in office I stand!

(Time to wreak havoc on your forsaken land)


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