What do you care about? How to literally change everything.

I don’t know why what I’m about to tell you is the case. I can’t explain the strange, even eerie, shifts in my frame of mind that I’ve experienced recently. What I do know, however, is that what I’m about to type is 100% legitimate, real and deadly serious. This is not something I am making up.

I’ve put more thought into what life is all about than ever, as of late. I’ve questioned what my purpose is, and why I’m even here to begin with. Now, for some inexplicable reason, I think I know the answer to that most meaningful, profound question.

That answer is to change the world.

Now understandably, I assume your first reaction to that statement is the thought that this guy’s ego is out of hand, or perhaps that I need to get over myself. And a month ago, I would even agree. But something in my mind has changed. This isn’t even about me. Not at all. On the contrary, it’s about you. 

You see, I no longer care what people’s perception of me is anymore. Because I know, internally, that my only purpose is to make the world one that rewards good, and kindness. Before my Mom died, I admit that I don’t think I was a good person. I was selfish. But now, I know better. My priorities have changed, and I can now consider myself good. And that assured self-awareness completely shields me from having to concern myself with others’ opinion of me. I know who I am. And ultimately, that’s really all that matters. Because caring about people caring about what people think of you are two very different things. 

Anyway, back to changing the world. I doubt anyone would disagree that we live in very corrupt, evil times. So many of the people at the top of society are manipulative, ego-driven monsters that will literally do anything to fuel their status and power. And the ironic part of this is that we have allowed these people to dominate because in all honesty, they’re basically smarter and played their pieces with ingenuous precision.

Now here’s the part that I’m going to try really, really hard to articulate in a way that people understand, because its an extremely deep rooted thought.

We literally have to change our entire value systems if the world is ever going to change. 

Now what do I mean by that? I mean that all of those corrupt people, all of those incredibly smart psychopaths who lack remorse and empathy, have risen to the top because they are playing the game we have created. We have created a society in which money, materials, and otherwise needless luxuries is the key to being perceived as successful. Think about that. The reason people manipulate and deceive is to climb above the rest and appeal to their ego. These people will always exist. They will never go away.

So we have to change the rules. We have to act, behave, and truly believe that real self-worth and happiness is ones ability to be compassionate. To be good. That has to become the currency for how big ones ego can be. After all, these people only desire to be better than others. So if being better means you donated more to charity, or helped the most people, or acted most ethically, then these people will do those things simply because the more they do, the more respected and powerful they will become. After all, why do oil companies, or big pharma, or corporate industries, or anyone for that matter do the things they do? They do it for money. If they couldn’t get rich by doing those things, they wouldn’t do them. They do it because they know people value money, and those with the most money are viewed at as the best. Thus, they do whatever it takes to obtain more of it.

Simply put, we have to control and direct the actions of these people into something that betters the world. Which, funny as it may be since these people think they’re smarter than everyone, is basically outsmarting them and getting them to do what we want – not vice versa like it currently stands today. 

We have to change things, folks. We have to change ourselves, and stop judging people by money, or possessions, or power. We have to all start valuing benevolence, so if you’re truly better than someone, all it means is that you’re a better person and less selfish than they are. Once we change our ways of thinking, it’ll be a fight to who’s the kindest…not the richest.

I really, really hope people get my point here. Because there is nothing in this universe I care more about than making the world a better place, and I will do absolutely whatever it takes to do that. And I think most will understand what I said. I just hope it sparks action. Because the change we all want has to begin with us.

One thought on “What do you care about? How to literally change everything.

  1. Here I am; Here I be!
    Several changes today; has will be and was your wishes are, is underway;
    I thank you for putting the words together as mine tended to fall to dead ears; estranged from a fake famiily and never having any peers!
    Until this particular day.I’ve collectively been compiling the facts to hold those wicked and evil one liable who ‘persecuted’ me because of my disability/s that extends further. Whole new story. Not now. This is my turn to ‘prosecute’ against this big time Missouri Statewide lawsuit and bigtime Lawrence County lawsuit.
    “Thankfully those “keyboard warriors” let me slip in and get my hit; here, n I was given that spark and my fire was lit.
    I get it and so will you mine; but instead, this I forsee in record time!
    ‘5 and a half years since this conception of me searching through that $$ trail they left, trying to recruit us up one more;
    To help out with research to resubmit whats already there for those formerly known as the poor.

    This this falls on strict and nonnegotiable rules; dont hold your breath as we unleash the revenge of when this collective consciousness takes out these fools! An interpreter is critical to obtain for the much greater benefits just wait and see.
    This was all a vision unfolded previously, unbeknownst to me. This is made up as a COMMITTEE!
    How’s them seats feeling? May seem strange now but get used to it. Thanks for again not filling another position. Slacking off and government entitys and showing them the sole with purpose? To those you selectively consciously chose to sit as in as your fake ckmmcommittee. That transferred on some local and out g all be switched but not until or once once was typical seats of not changed, but reversed,
    Thank the collective consciousness hem for financial freedom they by not the government job with nice benefits with retirement on this Committee of Legislative Research! 💨💨💨💨
    October 4, 2022

    toith was you were the only one hearing my voice when you wrote this about me


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