Why Isn’t This Being Discussed More?

Well, the short answer is probably that most folks who suggest such things get offed quicker than Princess Peach on Super Smash Brothers. But honestly, the dialogue does deserve some attention.

See, human civilization has basically been one never-ending experiment. We tend to view the world from the lens in which we’ve been given, but when we zoom waaaay out, we can see that it’s nothing more than a gradual evolution of ideas. And the cool thing is that it’s actually really, really simple when you think about it. It basically works as follows.

Step 1: Some guy or girl looks out their window at the world and thinks:

Hmm. I don’t think things are going all that well. We should probably change that.”

Step 2: Then, in their infinite wisdom (because all revolutionaries are brilliant geniuses, and not at all just normal folks who got pushed so far that they became so fed up they decided to commit their lives to a cause), they decide to do something about it. Now this step might involve one of many things, mind you. If they’re a military type, perhaps they raise an army and strong-arm everyone into seeing things their way. You know…stealing some horses and taking some women. Or, if a more pacifist type, they might decide to write a book about how things should change, hoping their light bulbish luminescences will catch on and become the new, cool, status quo. That’s how we got communism, after all. Or maybe they just decide to annoy the powers that be and throw some tea into the depths. Step 2 is a blank slate, you see.

Step 3: Application. The coup de gras all revolutionaries aspire toward. Pretty simple, really. Summarized as “now people live this way”.

And that’s basically How to Change Your Reality 101. Like I said, pretty cool right? How simple it is, I mean. So my question is this:

Why on Earth are we still living in an antiquated system?

I’m not joking. We are living in a world where at the snap of a finger, we can pretty much see, speak, or meet with anyone(s) we want. We have an absurdly enormous cornucopia of information at our fingertips, and the ability to inform ourselves like humanity has never, not ever, had before. And yet we are still relying on a very, very small handful of elites to make decisions for us. In fact it’s an infinitesimally small portion of the population who have any real decision-making capability in our society.

Know why?

Because our political system is based on technological capabilities of literally centuries ago. Back then, it was absolutely unfeasible to imagine a town hall with millions of folks in the arena. Well, guess what? Now we have this bright new shiny thing called the internet that we haven’t even began to realize what potential has truly been placed in our laps. If done properly – and yes, I acknowledge that this would be a massively complex undertaking – we could quite literally change the world as we know it. Luckily, we seem to be pretty good at massive undertakings when we really try. Cause you know what else was pretty hard? Getting to the freaking MOON. I mean come on. If we can do that, surely we can figure out a way to completely eradicate the career politician, pull…no, RIP the curtain back, and basically obliterate corruption by implementing a transparent, “by the people” type process, no? As I said, I’m deadly serious about this. If we put the time, resources, and energy to something like this that we put into:

  • Creating new gadgets or basically useless cool technology in the grand scheme of things (i.e. a new version of an already useful thing simply because the 2.0 version will sell)
  • Coming up with new ways to make/manipulate money (looking at you, financial markets)
  • Arguing online
  • Creating actual conspiratorial false flags, or conversely, creating bogus theories about conspiratorial false flags
  • Anything else we spend time, energy, and resources doing

We could actually make this happen and transform our world as we know it. Like…literally. This wouldn’t just be some random dream, all laid out in digital pixels on some random, obscure writers blog that hardly anyone will ever read. That’s how easy these things could be. I guarantee you, in the current state of things, if you even whisper this into someone’s ear, they will immediately get on board. Because I’m fairly certain I’m not alone in saying that in my humble opinion, things aren’t working all that well at the moment, and it ain’t really looking up.

So before we go, I want you to picture a scenario. I’d say close your eyes, but that would make reading this impossible, so yeah. Imagine yourself driving to the polls, lookings at allllll those names of the folks running for things, most of which you’ve never even heard of, and voting. After, of course, waiting in an obnoxiously long line with tons of people yelling at you telling you who to vote for, what to care about, and so on.

Now picture that scenario just…floating away into a peaceful, stress-free nothingness.

NOW picture yourself logging in, on your own time and locale, to some super secure high-tech app/website thingamajig that our brilliant minds of today could create, and reading a list of issues that YOU have flagged (because you know…you care about them). Then picture YOURSELF voting for a resolution, directly. Not through some out of touch politician who has their mind on a billion other things that might not even know about said issue to begin with. Wouldn’t that be a MUCH more efficient process?

This could happen, if people would just IMAGINE it. If they would talk about it. Discuss it. THINK about it. Because again…all this world is, is an evolution of ideas.

Why not?

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