There is but one thing that is scary

And that is to be ordinary

Not unique, nor one of kind

Though many seem to pay no mind


No thoughts that wander, thoughts that fly

Thoughts that others can’t deny

It is so frightening in this place

Endless darkness; timeless space


Naught becomes of stagnant dreams

No flow, just dams to stop the streams

The waters, still and motionless

Confusing movement with progress


Act with purpose, not in vain

Pick your target, then take aim

Take the steps that lead you there

It all begins with one small stair


The climb is long, you must stay straight

Do not lose focus; concentrate

You will accomplish, before you know

And when you turn to what’s below


You’ll thank yourself, grin as you look

At all the chances, risks you took

If you believe in this one thing:

Yourself – you can do anything.

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