What She Wants

Why’d you turn away? You know our eyes made contact

Don’t be shy come have a seat, its not like it’s a contract

Yeah I’m the guy you see at night, in the corner by himself

As the others fall on you, offering the top shelf

Sitting, thinking, writing, watching how these people act

All these different things they try, then to see how you react

They think “I’ll buy her a drink, wait, she looks like a coffee date

What’s the quickest way that I can get this girl to satiate?”

Save the laughter and the judgement, I think we understand, no?

People like to run around, have some fun, sure that’s cool, I get it bro

But here’s the thing about it all that none of them seem to see

Once the thrill is over what’s the next thing or priority?

Do you have the mind or means to keep a person occupied?

Or do you just say “who’s next?” While texting her “sorry I tried”

Think about it, poke some fun, maybe say “this guy’s whack”

But when you fall asleep tonight, as the world fades into black

Think about these words you read; question ways you act, relate

Are you the kind of man you’d let into your house and daughter date?

If your answers no then friend, I’d say do some thinking, man

If you can’t give other things, well…there’s plenty that like me who can

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