There’s something about being here that makes me just appreciate

All the things I dream of and the other things I can’t relate

My only goal is to be heard, create love, erase the hate

From this world that needs someone to come and try to regulate

Fame and fortune, I don’t care; line and sinker with no bait

All the things I want in life are simple and they’re worth the wait

Nights like these are spent so lonely yet I know they’ll make me great

Sacrifice this small window of time and then I’ll clean the slate

Looking forward darkness fades, lights are all I see of late

My mind is pulling all the stops, these ideas I emancipate

Letting others walk inside, into worlds my thoughts create

Locked up tight for far too long, now my head’s an open gate

Not taking convention’s way, from too many I’ve learned to hate

The industries and all the fake, they don’t even appreciate

The artistry behind the work, they just want to compensate

I’m undiscovered, yeah so what? No one else controls my fate

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