Slowly open up the door, see the clock; its five fifteen

Loosen up the shirt, look in the mirror; a familiar scene

Now the long days over, let’s decide what all we’re gonna do

Whole day spent at work just thinking ‘bout the things I’d do with you

So much time is wasted at these places we don’t wanna be

Feeling like a slave to this whole system and economy

Forty hours every week, that’s what they expect from you

If you don’t follow their rules, everyone looks down at you

I want to know what it was like when no one cared for money, see

The times when people got along and only cared for family

All the things they throw at us, somehow making us believe

Self worth is dictated by the wealth and fortune we achieve

When did people lose themselves? How did people let this be?

Corruption gets rewarded while the good just sit there silently


The problem isn’t at the place or where our dirty fingers point

The problem is that we’re all cool with these sins because we’ll just anoint

Save the evil thoughts or dreams and all that for confessional

Please take a minute, read these words inscribed by a professional

You know the weird things that you do when no one’s looking, all alone?

That’s the real you yeah that’s right your only audience is that cell phone

You hide behind a screen just texting saying all the things

You think will make you look like what you aren’t and all the fake it brings


Take a moment for a breath. Passion pours out on this page

I think we’re uninformed in what we call an Information Age

But who am I to say, right? I’m just a nobody

I try to just ignore it but you know I can’t you know I see

So many people who are good getting dealt shit hands it seems

All these folks who cast a wish and just end up with shattered dreams

Its sad

It really is

But I’ll just keep on writing knowing one day I’ll get through to kids

Hoping some day I’ll catch on and get a platform to unscrew the lids

But for now

I’ll just bide my time

Ripping out my heart and soul and paste ‘em on each line

Cause one day

I know I’ll be great

Legends aren’t made overnight, no, they take years to create

And that’s just it, see

To make it in a world, filled with vice and hate

You’ve gotta check yourself out of the system and just


9 thoughts on “Separate

      1. I certainly wouldn’t mind it. As long as it isn’t plagiarized lol. After all, I share it here for free. What is this platform you’re referring to?


        You can visit the site and know more about it.
        It is an open platform for writers around the world to share their thoughts on.
        You can register yourself and start sharing your content.


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