Fueled by Doubt

The greatest writers, artists, and bards, we’re threads all cut from a cloth

One and the same, we’ve all been through pain, to our craft we commit and betroth

Just like our fathers who preceded and left, we all have a start; Chapter One

Unknown and belittled, our bodies are none, but destined to be bodies of some

The journey is long, our paths are unknown, only our goals lie ahead

And as we lay down the first stone of our paths, the same things, always, are said

“Impossible”, “Never”, “It’s all just a dream”, “You’re no one and going nowhere”

“Why can’t you be normal and work like the rest, you’re chasing something that’s not there”

Then, for the strong, first progress is made, confirming what we always knew

Shocking the others who judged us before, as winds of surprise now sweep through

That’s when you feel it, vindication has come, igniting the brightest of sparks

Energy intoxicates, the drug of success, our ironclad mind, it embarks

And then the first test of our passion arrives, as those who observe pull you down

For reasons unknown, jealousy’s abound, they hate this attention we’ve found

But legends aren’t like them, they thrive on their words, driven by skeptics who hate

With smiles and nods we say “just watch what I do”, as the life of a book we create

As many respond and cry “grandeur, conceit”, but the truth is they just don’t understand

We don’t think that we’re better or above any else, we just know our true selves, this small band

See we simply won’t quit, it’s just how we were cut, we keep going, don’t stop till we’re there

“Failure’s no option” is no common cliché, to us it’s a life, it’s our prayer

So I say to the haters: my words, don’t forget. Each verse, every line, you remember

If my drive was a year, it would start on day one, stay full throttle till end of December

Relentlessly paving roads few have before with stones made of passion, this route

So to any who read this with skeptical eyes, let me thank you – I’m fueled by your doubt.

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