The Song of Mockingbird

The gig is up, my liege and lord

Nobody cares for gold no more

Materials no longer rule

Hoard your riches – look a fool

This is the Age of Reason, friend

For vanity became your end

You cared more for that soft, pressed shirt

Than houses made of mud, and dirt

You want to hear something that’s real?

Beware, for angry you might feel

Here’s a quick test to fit your size

Let’s see what you prioritize

Pull up your socials, hold out your hand

Peruse through Facebook; Instagram

Look at what you say and do

Do you see works? Or pics of you

There’s nothing wrong with pride, you see

We should be proud when we achieve

But when it slips to vanity

Well, you and I will disagree

Most will read this, and excuse

So many reasons we all use

Take me, for instance, in spite of wit

At times, I play the hypocrite

Do not pick these words far apart

For what I write comes from the heart

We all seek smiles, yes we do

But there’s a limit to what we do

There’s value in humility

For we’re the same, friend, you and me

Remember this, and heed this word

Don’t sing the song of Mockingbird

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