A man is lost in a dilemma

His love, his heart, his dearest Stella

She dances, sings, does everything

That causes men to offer ring


But there’s one knot tied in this chain

He never thought he’d love again

He was sent off, to war, you see

And it was thought, that died, had he


Stella wept when she had heard

That Adam’s dead, her life was blurred

And she spent many years in grief

But time, it heals, and turns a leaf


She wedded Mr. Donovan

He was a kindly gentleman

They raised a lovely family

Respectable as you and me


But then the unexpected came

The war was over, world was tame

Prisoners, released at last

Returning to their lives, since past


Adam came to Stella, see

And said “I’m home love, finally”

But Stella was torn in between

And did not know what love might mean


Torn and tattered, was her kind

She knew not what to do, or mind

For Donovan was wealthy, nice

But Adam held her heart in life


Upon a hill, things came to pass

Suspense had bottled and amassed

Stella knew not what to do

So off the cliff, her body, threw


Love is living, love is hate

Love we must appreciate

Love is passion, a sharpened knife

Love each second, and love this life

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