I Don’t Rap

Cars and clothes are cool, I guess

They’re great when you want girls and sex

It must be nice to be so dumb

When every line you write is numb


Numb from all the things we feel

And all the shit that makes life real

Bigger houses, bigger banks

You paid her tab? Hey cool man, thanks


I know you did that cause you care

And not because you want in there

Come on guy, you’re joking, right?

You’ve creeped around this bar all night


No come here! Let’s see those chains

I hope they’re bigger than your brains

Cool bro yeah, I know, we get it

I hope – know what? Let’s just forget it


You wouldn’t know respect if it slapped you in the face

You couldn’t be more blind if I filled your eyes with mace

That’s it I’m done, please get yourself a mirror now

Look at it and wonder why there’s no one here that hears you now


These lines are real, beats cold as an arctic cat

You look confused, what, you don’t get that?

The things I write are works of art

I meant the beats inside my heart

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