Off the End

Most these words will fly right by the people who don’t read, yo

The ones who do have understood them since their early teens, so

Don’t criticize just recognize I say the words I mean

I’ve been through hell so let me tell you all the things I’ve seen

Society, it’s all a farce

They say it’s light, but it’s so dark

All these rules for all these fools who don’t know what our real rights are

Close the door, keep out the poor

Let’s draft some laws in cocktail bars

They won’t know, they’ll watch our show

Hey! Hands off of my Lincoln car

I don’t think I remember when I signed my name in ink, yo

To give away the freedom to wear black or white or pink, though

I’m confused, are we used? Or does our voice mean anything

Or is it more a closet door that they can hide agendas in

Take advantage, use the youth

Tell ‘em we’ll give everything

No concern for how it’s earned

Just sign right here and wear this ring

Encrusted in its all you’ll need

We’ll rid the world of hate and greed

Don’t ask me where this food comes from

Just thank me because it’s all free

I think I’m done with people who

Have hands held out with naught to do

I think I’m done with everyone who wants things but won’t pay into

Victim? Please. My granddad saw things you don’t get

He almost got his heart pierced through a soldier’s fucking bayonet

Tell me more how all the poor have no means of surviving now

Or maybe take a his’try lesson and learn one word: that words “how”

How’s the world worked? You tell me. Take your time, I’ll still be here

Waiting for your studious self to go read and reappear

Human nature, listen up. Reality, it’s got you fenced

The tears you cry will never fill the oceans that you’re up against

That’s it it’s over now I’m done, I’ve said the things I needed to

So let me end by saying, friend, I’m sorry I offended you

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