Good morning, love, how did you sleep?

Such time I spent tidying my keep

I made your bed, your candles lit

Comfort comes, I made sure of it

My bosom is but yours to use

I only ask you don’t abuse

I only ask that you take care

For all my lands are yours to share

“Thank you, Mother, you are so kind

You always know what’s on my mind

Granting me these hills and trees

I’ll nurture them, calm as breeze”

Yes, my child, spread about

Enjoy these things I’ve given out

Remember, should you ever cry

My love for you shall never die

“So fortunate are we to have

A mother who, with love, can calve

But please, my dear, may we have this?

I do not think it will be missed”

Let me see, I suppose, yes

You can have that, sure, I guess

I only want what’s best for you

And I think yes, yes that will do

“Thank you, Mom, for giving wing

But what about this other thing?

Having it would be so nice

Might generosity come twice?”

Heavens, love, but must this be?

Is that something you really need?

I only have so much to give

But yes, if it will help you live

“I knew you would, ‘cause you’re the best

You’ve always held me close to chest

Where all that’s yours, can now be mine

I swear I’ll not bring harm to thine”

Ah, that’s right, the voice has changed

Perspective has been rearranged

For who’s voice speaks to you right now?

The narrator’s, yes, somehow

Everything we think and do

Is done from our own point of view

And yet so many others live

Sharing all that He will give

What do others think of us?

Are we someone that they would trust?

What of all the life on Earth

That has no stock in our own birth?

Selfishness, it plagues, you see

It corrupts minds of you and me

It clouds the way we look at things

And sows each seed that Karma brings

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