Shallow Waters, Deepest Lakes

Formal, Friendly: which is worse?

Both have things to offer, sure

Both, afflicted, by a curse

Question not the expectations of the Formal, all is set and all is known

Social rules guide me and you, unspoken laws are set in stone

Yet all that makes us human seems to somehow get swept underneath

We meet and greet and keep things neat but hide in Formal’s shallow sheath

Then there’s Friendly, despite the stature of his brother oh my how so short he is

So fewer are his cohorts that we all know who our closest is

Friendly dealings cut the core, exposing all that lies within

All our secrets come to term, every deed and every sin

Which is worse? I ask again

Is ignorance the bliss they say

Or is it better black and white, sharpening the shades of gray

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