Faint of Art

Faint of Art

See these coins! Oh how they shine

All these pretty things are mine

Come, see the things I can commit

Cause that’s what matters, doesn’t it?

You really shouldn’t listen to that painter ‘cause he’s such a loser

You might as well be talking to that addict who is but a user

No one cares about the things you do alright, see, okay?

No one cares you sacrifice your life for passion as they pray

All that matters is commercial, can I make a dime on this?

If I can’t I’m sorry son, I’ve no incentive, you’re dismissed

Talent isn’t tethered to the things you see from marketing

Talent lives in those who do things for nothing but heart and whim

Many me’s lie all out there, writing from what comes within

There is no dollar that can buy the realm in which I’m living in

Someone who cant rise occasion

Definition: Faint of Heart

Shallow works are nothing brazen

And they are not, remotely, Art

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