Please Listen, Friend

If you read this

When I’m gone

There are some things you need to understand

So sit with me

Please sit right here

Let water fill your toes with sand

You’re here with me

I’m here with you

My words will walk when I can’t stand

I hope they give you

All the things

My knowledge now, to you I hand

Life will never be the thing you want it to be in your mind

But it will give you back the things you give to it, so please be kind

Love the people that surround you, for they will come and they will go

And every person that you touch may someday touch you back, you know

Never doubt the things you think you might achieve if you just try

And always chase the dreams you have, bring them to life before you die

Life is short

A fleeting chance

Always sing, and always dance

Do not let this gift of yours slip through the cracks of fear or doubt

Please listen, friend, I lived before – I know of what I speak about

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