My Last Prayer

Are you there, Lord?

I need to know

I need the truth

I need it so

I do not know if acts of mine

Are of free will, or yours divine

The more I ask myself of this

The less I think that you exist

Why won’t you simply speak to me?

Why won’t you show yourself to me?

Your Book says you have done, before

So why not talk to me, my Lord?

I hate this feeling, yes, it’s so

I hate that I will never know

I hate that you seem more to be

A solace that is false, you see

If it’s all true, you did this, right?

You cause this torture every night

You are the one who writes my fate

And makes me empty, yet filled with hate

I only ask one thing of you

Why do you do the things you do?

Why do you make us fight, and kill

Is this your meaning? Is this your will?

None of you makes any sense

And I will never recompense

I choose to live as I see fit

You did this, Lord. It’s you who quit.

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