Police Brutality, Explained

As per usual, this isn’t going to be some stupid argument backed up by a slew of biased studies and statistics. You don’t like that? Well, nows your chance to check outta this one. No hard feelings. Just wanna make sure we’re on the same page here, and that what you’re about to read is based solely on observation and intuition. Basically, I’m saying “just trust me.” So yes, I will openly acknowledge that this is nothing more than a rant of opinion.


That said, just a minute ago, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon one of the most ridiculous abuses of force I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

I shall paste the link here, so you may bear witness to the incident of which I refer. I’ll give you a moment to watch.










There. That should’ve been enough time for you to see what is perhaps one of the most monumentally horrifying cases caught on the good ole portable camera.

I watched this, several times in disgust, and could not wrap my head around anything, ever, not in the history of forever, that might warrant this kind of right hook. I don’t care if you’re taunting him or not. That display of aggression, which literally everyone can see irrefutably, is absolutely astonishing to me.

Which, lo and behold, leads us to the point of this post.

Yes. It is becoming more and more clear that there are a LOT of officers, somehow, who are completely incapable of reason once you’ve challenged their delicate, “I’m the boss” ego.

It’s almost as if they view their suspects as less than human, because hey, this badge means I exist in an elevated position as it pertains to the law.

I will be honest. Everyone that knows me is fully aware that I tend to side on the right. But this time? Nope. All of the horrific stuff were just now seeing because we were lucky enough to have a smoking gun, open and shut case that caused all of this to resurface is a wonderful thing, indeed.

So again. That is the problem. It’s so, so very simple. If police officers expect anyone to adhere to their “rules”, then those people need to swallow their pride and stop letting their own egos get in the way of the right decision. Because that’s what you’re doing. You’re making the dumbest, most oppressive actions take hold over you because you’re too damn stupid or proud to allow a fellow human being challenge to your authority.

In other words, police: get the hell over yourself. You belong to US, not the other way around. And if you don’t start cutting the shit…may God help you for what comes next.

PS: for any of you out there who actually ARE doing the right thing, good on you. But you guys have some serious shit to clean up if you want anyone to acknowledge your authority anymore.

Because we are THIS close.

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