My Why


I’ve done it. I did the things I said I’d do. I wrote the books and penned the hooks and all the things because of you. I’ve known this time it’d never rhyme; that nothing would hold back the truth. The truth that hurts, it is the worst, I’ll never reattain my youth.

The past is gone, with you along, and you can’t be brought back, dear mom. You’ll never see what makes me me, not now that I have grown and gone. I do not know what lies ahead, but I know this: you are not dead. You live inside my soul at night and quell the darkness with your light.

It is you that lights my path, and gives me what I never had. Courage, honor, strength, you see. Your guiding fire sets me free. Every single step I take, it is for you, to re-awake. It is for you that I embark.

I’ll brave these lands, however dark.

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