Gray Areas

We want it then we own it

Then we flaunt it and dispose it

Nothing matters just as long as we can get through this one day

I look about your trials

And your small prescription vials

I’m just lost in this big world and I can never find my way

Please just give me one more fix

And yeah I know all of the risks

But you don’t understand what ticks, I need another escape

One thing becomes another

As it claims your mom and brother

Yet the main thing that I wonder: did you ever have a say?

Talk to me, be honest

There is nobody upon us

Every secret lies with me and it is here that secrets stay

Share your pain with me

For I have pain so hard to see

And maybe if we talk our pain will fine’ly go away

I don’t know you, but I love you

And there’s nothing that they can do

For our bond is black and white, unlike theirs: all shades of gray

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