Baxter Needs a Bath

Baxter Needs a Bath

As I was walking down a path

Scribbling some lyric rhythmic math

I smelled a smell that smelled of wrath

And I said “Baxter needs a bath!”

Well, we walked around awhile

And while I walked down this one aisle

Of some trees that did beguile

I said “Man! He needs a bath”

The stink, it stunk so stinky

And I tried to use my pinky

Plug my nose, but it was inky

A broken pen, I feared I hath

So we left that lonely park

Walking though the black and dark

That’s when my dog started to bark

Yelping “Matt, I need a bath!”

I said “I know my stinky son!”

“You think that you’re the only one”

“Who can smell your little bun?”

“My nose is on a stink warpath”

So he hopped right in my car

I drove so fast, it wasn’t far

To the tub, and a soap bar

And now he’s fine’ly had a bath

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