This Love’s A Curse

Sometimes I can let you down, but you don’t need to wear that gown

Come here now try this new dress

It can clean this maddened mess

That’s okay I say today, there’s nothing to regret, you know

You are me and I am you and we both share the same shadow

I know you have so much hiding inside of that pretty mind

Things I doubt want to come out because there’s those who quell this kind

Some regret, we know it, yet

There is time to make amends

And sometimes you can find yourself

Among the means unto the ends

That’s all for now, I say somehow

The truth lies in the words you read

There are times when rhythm rhymes

And says the things you need to heed

Beats are best

Upon my chest

Theres nothing in this universe

That can separate this bond

I’m sorry dear, this love’s a curse

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