It’s a well known concept, of course. After all, everyone’s heard the whole “forest from the trees” type thing. Yes, perspective. It really does matter. In fact, it matters a LOT, because without perspective, we’d all be trapped within our own tiny little boxes, just waiting to tell someone why we are right, and they are wrong.

So let’s get that part out of the way, before we go any further. And I’m warning you…this might hurt. So don’t say I didn’t, well…warn you. Here goes (yes it applies to me too):

Your opinion is completely meaningless in the grand scheme of things, and literally no one cares what you think or say.

Phew! That’s a load off the shoulders if there ever was one. Anyway, yeah. Your opinion carries about as much weight as the unused scale at your local doctor’s office (if yours is currently being used, disregard that). That is to say, it carries no weight whatsoever. Unless you’re like, totes an influencer, in which case we have an entirely separate discussion that needs havin’. Jk ya’ll. Jk. Kinda.

Now yes, I’m fully aware that there are the rare few who will be perfectly capable of stomaching this advice, but considering recent circumstances, I was compelled to write this simply because someone has to say it. And I dunno if you guys have been reading the big balls-o-meter lately, but I generally tend to not give af what anyone thinks at all, ever. I mean I respect your opinion, yeah, because it would be rude not to. But at the end of the day…let’s be honest with ourselves (it hurts!) – none of us really care what anyone else thinks.

Back to the point. The way I see it is this: in cosmic terms, we’ve got about one quadrillionth of a snapshot of a blink of an eye to a whatever short metric can be made to do what we want to do during our infinitesimally small window of existence upon this planet we like to call Earth.

That is to say…life is far too short to care about anything that doesn’t directly affect our everyday lives and/or general well being.

See, I’ve tried…oh man have I tried…to articulate this golden nugget of life-changing information pretty much about forty-tree million, fo-hunnit and sunty-two thowsan, seven stacks and twunna-two times for ya’ll.

But it never works.

What’s this got to do with perspective, you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked. Your perspective essentially guides you to believe the things you believe. Duh 101, I know, but hear me out. See, literally everything you’ve experienced in your life has shaped your perspective and how you view reality as you know it. Every book you’ve read, movie you’ve seen, job you’ve worked…they all add up to how you view the world at large. This, of course, is precisely why terms such as “first world problems” exist. Because someone else, thousands of miles away from you right now, is literally fighting for their lives by stealing food so they can feed their malaria-infected, skin-and-bones, completely innocent child. A child, for the record, who would otherwise (again, literally) die if not for the efforts of said parent.

So yeah. Perspective.

Basic takeaway here is simple. From now on, when you debate or otherwise argue with someone, take the time and put forth the effort of seeing things from the vantage point of your counterpart. At least TRY to understand why they feel the way they do. Because this might be earth shattering news, I don’t know, but just because you happen to view things in a certain way does not, by any means whatsoever, make it objectively true.

Long story short, humble yoselves, foos.

I’ll do it if you’ll do it.

4 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. True humility would most likely resolve to do this regardless of whether or not anyone else does, and probably without saying anything about it.

    Just my initial thought/reflection in response to this.

    You speak truth, my friend.

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      1. There is opinion, and then there is observation. In my experience, opinion is typically formed on the basis of assumption and bias, without giving adequate consideration to facts or taking into account the perspective of others. Airing one’s opinion is largely a waste of time, whereas engaging in thoughtful dialogue can lead to shared perspective, which leads to…a better-informed opinion. But it also becomes something greater than one’s individual opinion, which increases the likelihood that someone may, perhaps care to hear it someday.

        And yes, the ironic hilarity did not escape me. It rarely ever does. More often than not it gets me in trouble, because I have a tendency to highlight that humor when all other parties are so serious-focused in the moment that they have completely missed it.

        In short, your opinion matters to me, which is why I commented on this post.

        Also, I reacted with angry-face on FB purely for the sake of humor, so there is that. lol

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