Generation Jaded

Let’s look back

You know, real far

Let’s look at us

See how we are

Angry crusades?

Alright, I guess

Pick up those pieces you all left

Now jihad, we need one, right?

We all need reasons for a fight 🙄

For Allah!

For God above!

But wait! Wait, we all preach to love

Turn the page

What comes next?

These Ages Dark, oh boy, this text

Here we go

We go again

I hope you’ve loved and found a friend

Cause here they come

Those riders fast

They’re coming to kick ev’one’s ass

Over now


But wait a sec

No, no! Not me!!

Oh my god

I mean come ON

Will this shit ever stop you pawn?

Revolution. Wage the war.

Freedoms what now fights are for.

Take awhile. But don’t take long.

Cause World War One’s right there along

Yup, it came

It came and went

And then when we came up to vent

You know what?

Fucked up again

Cause eeeeeeverybody wants to win 🙄

World War Two, well look at you!

I’m so glad you’ve got on new shoes

Take them off

Save them, Mom!

You’ll need them when come Vietnam!

Yeah, you guys.

It’s definitely US

It’s US who’s lazy, it’s US who sucks

Generations, they come and go

But you know what?

We’re jaded, yo

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