Actions Speak Louder Than Words

This is gonna be sort of a “duh” thought piece, but it needs to be said nonetheless.

The title of this article speaks for itself. And its gonna be a short one. I got the idea to write this thanks to our beloved Mitch McConnell, who just c-blocked America from getting higher Covid relief payments.

How you go from this…to that?

The above screenie was captured from Mr. McConnell’s tweet just a week and a half ago. December 21, 2020. Now, here we are today, with him saying, quote:

“A huge chunk would essentially be socialism for rich people.”

Fox News

Hmm. Really? So let’s get this straight. For days, you’ve been berating democrats for blahbbity blah blah, while saying YOU are the one fighting for relief for Americans. Yet now, with the golden opportunity ON YOUR DESK ready to be signed…you all of a sudden perform the most absurdly hypocritical 180 EVER and spit on it, calling it socialism?

Make up your mind, Mitch!

I digress. You see, sadly, most of us will live. But many of our friends are struggling. I mean come on. The restaurant industry has been almost entirely crippled because of this godforsaken virus. And its no fault of their own, whatsoever. There has NEVER been a more vital time that our “leaders” step up and do the right thing, ever.

And that’s just it. Look at what these people DO. Not what they say. Never, not ever, listen to what they say. Only pay attention to what they do. Okay, maybe listen a little bit to get a relative feel for where a person SAYS they stand…but focus them eyeballs on their actions. Because at the end of the day, that’s what defines their priorities. In this particular case, Mitch, via his actions, literally told us that he cares more for his tweaks than he does the American people. That is the irrefutable, candid truth, and is illustrated by the decision that he made. Sure, he knows what to say to get people satiated at the moment. But when it all came down to it…he didn’t step up.

Pay attention to this stuff, you guys. This is how you identify the fake ones, from the real ones. And right now…we need real ones.

It shouldn’t be this hard to be kind, folks (looking at you, b – I mean Mitch).

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