Full Grown

“So if you wanna call me baby

Ya know I’m not so sure that it would do us good

Sometimes we try to change things

But the more we try to change, the more they just stay the same”

That’s a quote from Down Dexter

I’ve never wanted to next her

Trying to figure things out

It never works, I always doubt

I cannot find a friend in me

Why am I own worst enemy?

No one is perfect, this I know

Certainly not me, I’ve shown

I’d like to settle


But every time I find someone

I never do what’s right for me

Perhaps one day I’ll figure out

How to spare myself from doubt

I sincerely wish it so

My mind and body, soul to grow

“What I didn’t do yesterday

Is the same thing I won’t do today

I would call your attention to it

But I don’t think you should look at it that way”

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