The Book of Job

Never have I ever longed for cold and bleak December, no, that month is writhe with all my plight, it holds the worst things I remember

There is but one day I yearn, it is on the twenty-third, ‘tis a day when children pray and do things that which they all learn

But underneath that shadowed sheath, there lay a thing that lies within

It hides there without any care, it nestles itself singing sin

Now I quite can try the flight, though it won’t help me anyway

Memories will follow me no care for how hard I can pray

It won’t matter, I’m in tatters, spattering these things I’ve learned

Laying them before You thinking they are things I thought I’d earned

Tell me now, show me somehow, let me know what I must do

Tell me now I can somehow walk on the path ‘twas paved by You

I might be lost, I fear the cost, but I have faith in Your faith, see

Now I know we reap what’s sowed, and You never gave up on me

It took so long, I wasn’t wrong, the time was needed desperately

Through ash I walked, yet never balked, the pain You dealt, it set me free

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