America the Beautiful

Some may not like this

Though it’s true

So blame, don’t cast on me

It is something

Needed saying

Please listen, carefully

Many things of late

Are awful

This, we all agree

Yet we must realize

That these things

Are isolated, see

All throughout the world

There’s lived

The prejudiced, sadly

Though that does not

Mean everyone

It means not most, nor me

Many people

Here and now

Have fingers pointed, yes

They’re the ones

We beg to change

Though if I had to guess

You are one

Who dreams about

A world that’s just, and fair

So why pretend

‘Tis hard to find

These people, anywhere

Illusions seem so real

When they

Are ones we think we see

But if you focus

Zoom the lens

You’ll see they’re just story

Do not let

The ones who rule

Cloud your judgment, please

Know this country

And most within

Want all to love, be free

Know the issue

That’s at hand

Is most, nomenclature

‘Tis not this nation

That you hate

It’s just human nature

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