Majestic Mr. Baxter, cont’d

Majestic Mr. Baxter

He’s back, oh yes that’s right

He’s so cool that this one fool

Thought day had turned to night

Majestic Mr. Baxter

Wassat? The puppy park?

Okay I guess but don’t forget

No bites. Just only barks

Majestic Mr. Baxter

I know, you never bite

But still my bro you never know

Give me a break, alright?

Majestic Mr. Baxter

Your name makes you cocky

To humble you here’s what I’ll do

So you know you’re not me

Let’s see…

Mighty Mr. Baxter

Is that a better fit?

Yes I think, to that I’ll drink

I’m glad that you like it

Mighty Mr. Baxter

Hold on, wait no it’s not!

Might does not beat majesty

And thrones cannot be bought!

Mighty Mr. Baxter

Okay, I see your point

But tis I who wins, cause now again

Your name, I re-anoint!

Majestic Mr. Baxter

Hey lose that little smirk

You think maybe you outsmart me

Know what? You’re right, ya jerk

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