Hid Intentions

Never have I ever wrote a word I don’t remember, sitting silent serving purpose in the spaces that they’re set

I know because I inked them from the places that I thinked them which at times might seem erratic, but I never forget

Forget the possibility that if not you it must be me, but is that true? Who would knew, is it talent, or who we’ve met

If there is a soul in me, yes I will for all I need, finish everything I plea, on this I’d place a solid bet

I am not a one to give, I’d rather die than falsely live, live in dispositions that see pieces of erector sets

Set for us awhile while all that does beguile proves to set it straight, we await, wait for what we never get

And it’s so, don’t we know? Know we made this bed of flowers. Thumbing all the fancy things that we don’t have but wish it’s ours

It is not okay, I say. Not okay to fake things straight. Do not take for granted instead fix it and appreciate

Appreciate cause and effect, for actions speak all dialect, standing ground they say aloud, “this is why I hold the gate”

True to me, true to you, if you ever think it through, find a purpose, take a stand, hold it close, don’t show your hand

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