A Just Saying

“Just move on, just forget, let it go and turn the page”

“That is how you’ll get by now, for life is naught more than a stage”

Such advice from those in life, they mean well yet misunderstand

Closure quite can bring respite, and things aren’t had ‘till they’re in hand

Seeing is believing, at least that’s what the bards all say

Well show me what you’re talking ‘bout cause right now I don’t see it, k?

All the other sayings tell the story that’s between us now

Actions speak louder than words and things are not just fine somehow

What’s done is done, no going back, we’ve no room for shades of gray

Black and white are all the colors needed to paint our today

Please don’t blame me, I am sorry, but I don’t think we’re working out

What’s blues now green, it isn’t mean, it’s just something to think about

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