The Little Things

Sitting there atop the couch, gazing out for half the day

Waiting for the sight of me, the sound of gravel

Pulling into my driveway

All the barking, loud commotion

I hear him as I’m getting out

Open doors bring so much motion, as he runs and spins about

Hopping up onto my knees, its like we’ve never met before

The same excitement everyday

Each time I open that back door

Sitting silent, in my thoughts, writing as I always do

He lays there right next to me, pretending that he writes things, too

A nose then nudges underneath, beckoning my hand to him

“Time to pet me”, he must think, I pat his head and stroke his chin

What’s that you hear? That bark and yell

Every single time it chimes

The ringing of my home’s doorbell

Loud hallways, and funny times

I won’t remember bills; the vet

The moments I will not forget

Are ones that brought what such love brings

The joy, the cheer…the little things

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