Three Wise Men

Three men sat down, they all wore crowns

Around a fire, they all met

Each had one goal to set down

But each would argue how to get

Get the goal they all dreamed of

A world of laughter, fun, and love 

Each had pure intentions, see

It was their methods; disagreed

It was Lord One who said “well then,”

“Give the people what they want”

“Blind them with desire, friends”

“And they will write your favorite font”

He added to this “that’s my rule”

“For I will not be played a fool”

“Giving them all that they need”

“Will stamp out conflict”, he decreed

Then Lord Two, he stroked his chin

And said “alright Lords, let’s begin”

“Tell me now, mister Lord One”

“Do you like chaos? Is that fun?”

“For that’s what your world brings about”

“A victim mind out chasing clout”

“Just to stand up once or twice”

“On top of things that they don’t like”

Yes, and then, just as you thought

Lord Three: he entered, then said “STOP”

“This is not a game to play”

“You see a conflict? Walk away.”

“No one thinks same as you do”

“Its all subjective, me and you”

“None are right, and none are wrong”

“Our octaves vary; but not our song”

“Some difference, yes, but you will see”

“With one slight shift: same melody”

‘And ’twas the tale of these three men

They sadly never met again

Their fire’s embers turned to cold

Their wisdom lost, to days of old

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