I write these words, I write them now, and yet I do not know just how they may interpret, may be read, but either way – at least they’re said. There are some things, some things that, yes, I’ll need to say but then digress. So if I seem to be verbose please do forgive the words I chose. I chose them careful, chose with thought, for each and every word I wrought I wrote with clear intention, see; intention that needed to be.

Rhythm is the world to me, its how I’ve come to think, and see. But rhyme is there, not unaware, serves purpose still; just differently. Though I intend naught but reason, some might think these thoughts as treason, if you are among this mind, I did not mean to sound unkind. For all you are about to read, all you might nod, “yes, indeed”, originates not from a verse, not from a blessing, nor a curse. It simply is the thought of one, one who’s seen things done, undone. Jaded, yes, perhaps, but still, those who’ve not felt it, likely will.

Our world has fine’ly become one, as most can speak, be heard, then some. We’ve found a way to coalesce, if only we open our breast. Embrace when we might norm’ly balk, and not just talk, but walk the walk. Change things now, when we agree, and cast aside what we don’t need. If there’s one thing to change, that can, it is the “law” – the law of man. Words they are, yes words they’re just, abused are they; often unjust.

The question rises, yes, of course, of how to replace such a force. The answer is so simple, see. It lives within each you, and me. Use the platform we’ve created not for good times, recreated; use instead this tool, this power, for the change that’s nigh this hour. Use this mechanism here to clearly see what blinds us, hear?

Yesterday, not you, nor I, could speak or spoke unless we tried to write things down and send them quaint, our written word nor sin, nor saint. The only way we could commune was the direct word, through and through. But now we have a world stage, see. The world’s first web that sets things free. And voices, yes, now, such voices speak. We hear the masses, meek, and weak. Hear the people say “its true, re-craft our world, let’s see it through.”

Let the people be anointed. Break the fingers when they’re pointed. Let the people make their way, and don’t concern what they might say. Business is one man to man, a woman or someone who can; it has naught one thing to do, with government, nor me or you. It all perhaps is best expressed, by this one word that ‘reps progress. Its power lives in you, and me. This word, my friend – is sovereignty.

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