A PSA for Mistreated Women

I poked some fun, so fair I’ll play

And joke about us guys today

Have you seen my muscle gain?

Wait I’ll zoom, that selfie frame

My abs are stronger than my brain

It matters not to chicks I’ve slain

Bro keep pushing, hit the max

Don’t tell them we bikini wax

The girls want glistnin’, golden skin

So let’s get darker, masculine

You know they want this, don’t they all?

That’s why we mirror selfie, y’all

We clearly think you think it’s hot

And when we’re told that maybe not

We just laugh and say yeah right

Then swipe and swipe and swipe and swipe

And find that one who fits the bill

Who strokes ego and gives the thrill

Then cloud nine the guy can sit

Yet we wonder why he’s a dick?

Supply/demand, folks, its Econ

Flood the market; values gone

But be a little picky still

Don’t give in to that cheap thrill

Monop’ly girl, you’ve bought park place

Control supply, you’ve won the race

It’s simple really, for you girls

Once you know, you’ll rule the world

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