Take a step back, just

Hang on a few mins

Is it really the right thing

To put humans in pens?

What if instead, we

Gave ‘em a chance to regret

Opened their eyes, wide

Made ‘em look at their mess

Showed ‘em the pain, and

Maybe drag ‘em through dirt

But after the end, they

Come out kinder, alert

Change in the core, no?

That’s what we want, hey

You say it’s the goal, but

Those prisons still pay, eh?

But for real, it’s just sickening

All of these laws and your rules

You say you protect us

But it’s you that’s the real fools

Try to tell us what rights right

What wrongs are wrong

All of this time, we laugh

All your morals are gone

This isn’t a zoo, suits

You ain’t holding the keys

These people can handle

That, you better believe

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