Let me tell you ‘bout a scene I don’t wanna see

Sittin’ dark ‘n cold in a room I don’t wanna be

Waitin’ for the doc to come out and console me

Tell me “it’s alright”, “it’ll heal”, “just an atrophy”


It wasn’t that, that was it, this was gonna be

Different from the times, other nights, all those old scenes

No more packin’ bags, gettin home, gettin’ cozy

 This one was the last, went so fast, was the end of me


Now my hand, on this pad, writin’ fast, you about to see

Rippin’ all the mad, all the sad, all the bad, straight outta’ me

Askin’ okay God, where you at, why’d you leave, G?

Left me on the floor, all alone, on my bare knees


Now I deal, no appeal, put on a new tee

All my heart, all my soul, all the things that’s just the real me

Ain’t afraid, ain’t concerned, now I gotta new G

One that’s real, helps me heal, you think I blaspheme?


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