My Dog, the Cat

There is but one thing that I wish

That way back then, I’d bought a fish

Let me explain, it wont take long:

They know which species they belong

My purpose for this poem, I’ve used

Is just to rant, for I’m confused

I could’ve sworn I bought a dog

As time goes on, it seems I’m wrong

Its not that he’s evil, it isn’t like that

Its just that he acts…well, he acts like a cat

And don’t get me wrong, I mean cats are alright

Its just that they suck out your soul every night

But back to my “dog”, he’s a weird one you see

Like sometimes he sits there and just stares at me

No telling what things might go on in his head

Since he thinks like a cat, likely wishes me dead

And that’s just the start, when he lays on the couch

He sits on the armrest, just like all the cats slouch

One day when I fed him, he like a cat threw a fit

He just scoffed and walked off, said “who eats this shit?”

Its all just a shame, he was such a good friend

But now all he does is just raise his rear end

I guess I’ve no choice, I’m being forced to adjust

I just hope it’s a phase, cause this “cat” I don’t trust…

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