This Wishing Well

I stand here as I flip this coin

So many things I must purloin

This theft of thought is hard, you see

To mine the deepest cavity


It requires darkness, black

The sound of silence, naught a crack

The ones who came before me know

Shakespeare, Whitman, Frost, and Poe


Together we all see this world

A different way, our views are twirled

We watch as whispers turn to shout

It is these things we write about


The lonely feeling, all my peers

Have put up with, all these years

Just standing outside, looking in

At this place of hate and sin


Its sad, you see, this world of ours

So many chasing distant stars

If they only took a peer

At all the friends that are right here


Maybe then these folks would see

The difference between vanity

And doing all these things for free

Without the need for “look at me”

Alas, its human nature, no?

I guess that’s how its s’posed to go

But if I had a world my way

There wouldn’t be a price to pay


To have a good life, full of love

Like the angels, and the dove

No laws, no rules, this world anew

Just treat others as they would you


No time for war, no time for fame

To try to play this empty game

Where people loved, supported all

And tore down each and every wall


I must admit, this world I see

Could happen if you’d make it be

That’s my dream, to you I tell

As I fill this wishing well.

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