You Humans

You humans bore me, yes its true

I shall scoff, and yawn at you

You think YOU took ME when we saw Sarge?

Matt, bitch please, you know this dogs in charge

That leash you hold is nothing, I just let it be

At any point I’ll chew it, and set my smart self free

Its cute you think you own me, it really makes me laugh

I think I’ll just play dumb, lift my leg and soak your calf

Oh look! We’re at the dog park, I’ll just wag my tail

Pretend to like that Shih Tzu, shitting on your woodchip trail

Aha! Don’t think I missed it, the poo you didn’t scoop

You looked over each shoulder, and said “just leave that poop”

So predictable are you, in your human suits

You wouldn’t last a single day in my Baxter boots

And to you, all humans, I must say one thing

Get all affairs in order, the end of days, I bring

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