My Sub: USS Conscience

Cast in iron, set in stone, my thoughts are never left alone. They sail with me and set me free, living in my every bone.

My Ship, it sails, its Mast prevails, catching headwinds, telling tales. But then my Sub sinks down below, and dives through waters, lesser known.

Deep currents are so strong and strict, they flow in ways I can’t predict. My Vessel fights to flee its ways; gets lost amidst a clouded haze.

Yet still my Thoughts stand strong and true. They do not question me or you. Despite the Sub that sinks below, there’s naught a doubt for what’s not shown.

I sail my Ship that floats above. I guide it through my heart, with love. I steer it toward oceans, blue. I navigate to what is true.

So why am I lost in between? Is it due to this Submarine? Do I make no more Admiral than what this Vessel let’s me tell?

I need to make it surface now. I’m it’s Cap and should know how. Though steering seems to challenge me, amidst these deep, dark, blackened seas.

My mind must not make mince of such. This sub will not control too much. I’ll master it, so down below – I shall tell it where to go.

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