Listen, Love: I Hate You

Listen, Love: I Hate You

I know you’ve been asking me to change. To spin my life, and rearrange. To shed all that of which I’ve lived, in sorrow now, a new life give’d.

So many things of me you’ve asked; to test me with these things you’ve tasked. And yet I cannot help but think…are you up there having a drink?

It’s like our love never existed. I look for reason, but it’s all twisted. I gave my heart ‘twas already sore, and what is this? You’re asking more?

Please, I beg. Don’t do this. Do not steal my first love’s kiss. And you’re somewhere, drunk and high, let someone else take hold and try.

Try to fix the things that be. Look through this window, you’ll see. The trust that lived ‘tween me and you? I’m sorry dear, but here’s the truth.

You’re toxic and you bring me under – there is no light that births your thunder. You’re nothing but a plague on men. Your mem’ry lives inside my pen.

If not for those who write accounts, the future’s robbed of their abouts. So let me say this, tried and true. I loved you once – but I hate you.

Your very beings like a plague. Intentions pure? No, they’re all vague. Lurking shadows with a cloak – watching as I sit and croak.

So let me say to you, tonight. There’s no surrender, sans a fight. I will stand here, strong of heart, no longer being torn apart. ‘Twas your love I always feared.

But you’re a virus, and that’s friggin weird.

So go tf away.

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