Please, Be Honest

Tell me what you want in your life right now

Tell me if you care about the world right now

Tell me if the things they say should matter or they really don’t

Tell me if you’re willing to let go of what they say you won’t

I don’t know if all the show is worth it or it’s all a lie

This wishing well, it cannot tell if I should just give up and try

Try to fit the mold that people told me that I really should

Honestly I long my mind to let me go, I wish it would

Everything I think about torments me when the world goes dark

Wondering if the gears in drive or if it’s only set to park

So tell me love, is this a glove? Is this something that hides within?

I may not know but for my soul, I beg you open up again

All I want is one true font, consistent and unwavering

Sharing rights through all the fights, it’s your love that I’m favoring

Tell me now, say it somehow, is this real or just a fling?

If it’s so, I’ll let you know, my hearts not something that I’ll bring

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